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The staff at Alta Vista understands your pets are part of your family. We promise your dog or cat will be a part of our family while he's here whether it's to spend a day or a whole vacation with us. Learn more about our boarding services:

Dog Boarding
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Dog Boarding

Whenever your furry family member needs a place to stay overnight or for an extended period, we are here to provide a safe, healthy, and worry-free sleep-over. In addition to day and overnight boarding, we provide care for some exotic pets and county quarantine.

We offer pets at our facility Science Diet Advanced Fitness adult dog food, water, bedding, and hourly checks by our experienced kennel attendants, and a minimum of two walks outside. Your furry family member will spend approximately 15 to 30 minutes outside (depending on season) during each walk. Although we do provide food, we encourage you to bring your own dog food, packaged per meal. Maintaining his/her regular diet will reduce the risk of your pet experiencing digestive problems because of a dietary change.


Kennel Stay/$50 per night
Our basic canine accommodations include all of the necessities listed above. Feel free to customize your dogs stay with any of our extras and activities. Take 20% off for 2nd dog in same kennel.
Quarantine Boarding/$80 per night
Our quarantine boarders stay in a standard 3'X6' run and are not permitted to leave the quarantine area. We do allow scheduled visits during quarantine. The total balance must be paid at check-in for quarantine boarders.
Neighborhood Junior Suites/$75 per night
Our Neighborhood Junior Suites are 4 1/2 by 6ft rooms with windows. We furnish the junior suites with an elevated structure to place bedding on top of for our furry guests. Neighborhood Junior Suites amenities include playtime, our homemade frozen popsicle treats, or peanut butter kongs. We offer a 20% discount for each additional pet sharing a Neighborhood Junior Suites. Stays include an exit bath for pet guests that stay at least three nights.
Canine Suites/$80 per night
Our private suites are ACTUAL BEDROOMS measuring 8 x 8 feet with a special square-shaped doggy window with a view of our front lobby. Suites include a large comfortable bed and ergonomic pet-serving bowls (bowls are set higher or lower according to the size of our furry guest). Your furry family member will enjoy all the comforts of home including a TV/DVD player with a variety of animal movies to watch. The suite amenities include playtime, our homemade frozen popsicle treats, or peanut butter kongs. We offer a 20% discount for each additional pet sharing a suite. Suite stays include an exit bath for pet guests that stay at least two nights.

Extras & Activities

Group Play: $20 per day
If you wish to purchase group playtime, (our 'Pup Scout' program) while Boarding, the total is $50 per night.

VIP Boarding: $65 per night (3-night minimum)

With VIP boarding our guests get to participate in playgroup, receive an exit bath, toenail trim, and daily treats.

Boarding Plus: $55 per night (3-night minimum) 
With Boarding Plus our guests receive an exit bath, toenail trim, and daily treats.

Healthy Treats

  • Frozen Pumpkin, Frozen Chicken or Frozen Yogurt Treat: $3 each
  • Peanut Butter-Stuffed Kong: $5 each


Cat Boarding

Our staff understands cats have special needs. Our goal is to minimize stress by providing a cat friendly environment. Our feline guests stay in a separate area from barking dogs. This helps keep the cats calm and relaxed while listening to classical music. We offer play time in our “Feline Enrichment” room for a small additional charge. If you have multiple cats boarding with us, they are welcome to play in the cat room together; of course playtime is always supervised by staff to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

During your cat‘s stay, they will be fed Science Diet dry food. If your feline friend has a particular palate, or prefers a specific meal, we simply ask that you prepare the meals and our kitchen staff will be happy to serve them.


Our new and improved cat room offers large spacious rooms for your feline friends. It is bright, open, and airy, with private windows for your cat to enjoy what‘s going on outside. There are four options:

Cat Kennel/$30 per night
Nice & cozy!
Cat Cottages/$35 per night
2 levels great for more than one kitty!

Cat Fun House/$40 per night
4 levels for your cats entertainment!

Cat Condos/$45 per night
Spacious with scratching posts, loft &amp an outside window

Extras & Activities

One-on-One Playtime: $10 per day
Let your cat frolic in our newly renovated "Feline Enrichment" room. The play area is a spacious room with several scratching posts, cozy cubbies and all sorts of toys!

Real Tuna snack: $1.50 per day
After all, you shouldn't be the only one enjoying your vacation, right?


Does your kitty need grooming? We have groomers experienced in handling the special needs of cats during this time. Let us know what beauty treatment your cat needs and we can make an appointment with our groomer during your cat's stay. Applicable grooming fees apply; please call for an approximate quote.

Exotic Boarding

We are proud to offer boarding for exotic pets! We have a separate area just for your exotic friend. The only requirements are to bring your pet, their cage, and the necessary food for the duration of their stay. This includes all birds, bunnies, ferrets, guinea pigs, turtles, snakes, etc. Please call us to book your appointment!

$30 per night